Monday, September 29, 2008

untitled thoughts in progress sept 08

brutally honest
hilariously funny
high octane
feeling yourself disintegrate
slow moving hamster wheel of a brain
hear no evil see no evil speak no evil
an unusual and quirky original with an energetic backbone.
don't forget to both Question and Answer
project runaway
expand letters /stretch font /cast off type /handmade alphabet
vibrantly educated
blood pumping academia
knowledge's stitches
I need some more "think ink"
playing library cards
reading scars us all
handcrafted librarian
the bibliophilia's stitches
global fabric
international texture
contribute fiber
writing sleep dreams
quote brain waves
world's stubborn pins and needles
education painted
feel literature
projecting awake phrases
debate spades and hearts of queens
design an embroidery scholar
speak fringe wounds
absurd senses (not see hear smell touch taste)
literature crafts energy
consider night/day
study talkative layouts
learn the textbooks of a heart
discover synergy
observe carefully your tools of critique and analysis
purge inner law and order
consume external firefly
resolve feisty conflict which is imagined
teach the colors of fiery books
discuss strange drawings
sew acrylic laughter
drawing sarcasm
sew the Ws (who what when where why) by hand
never go near your heart, mind, body, and soul with needle & thread.
elaborate human
no faith in fear
declare your shadows
stand up and trust fear
living afraid of violence, war will trample you.
believe darkness
reach bravely into the light
one being with right
rights of a human being are for everyone
fragile deconstructions
hostile delicate anger
violent happiness
sunny sadness
steady eruptions
controlled abstraction
whiter blackness
blackening white
pointy pointing of points
scare fall
scared ballad
balance be and being
break a breaking fall
falling kaleidoscope
fraction phrases and quotes into words
word melt
fractures of time
folding cut angles of intensity

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